Pregame Meal with @DaytonDutchLions at @TexasRoadhouse (Beavercreek)

Here’s a great way to interact with the Dayton Dutch Lions professional players of today while supporting the ones we’ll be rooting for in the future. Texas Roadhouse is an official sponsor of Dayton Dutch Lions FC and has been providing match day lunches to the professional players and staff in 2014. We are invited to join the team for the pregame meal before the final home game in Beavercreek on Sunday, May 4. If we bring copies of the flyer (below), Texas Roadhouse will donate 20% of each of our bills to the Dutch Lions academy.

texas_roadhouseThe USL PRO squad will be there at 1 PM for lunch, but will stay until 2:30 PM for autographs and interaction with fans. If you need to gear up and fuel up for the match at the same time, stop by the merchandise table that will be set up. Leo will be there, and he just may be joined by his new friend, Andy the Armadillo.

Hopefully, we can muster a big turnout from the Oranje Legion to elicit some excitement for the match against Charleston. We are encouraged to have fun, but we can’t get overly rowdy – it’s still a restaurant, not a soccer stadium.

If you can’t make it between 1 and 2:30, try to make it any time between 11 AM and the start of the match. Texas Roadhouse will still donate 20% of your bill to the DDLFC academy when you present the flyer.

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Photos and Comments from Home-Opener

We aren’t the biggest supporters group in the league, but we are growing. Besides, what we lack in numbers, we make up in passion. The home-opener against the Rochester Rhinos was a pretty big success on the pitch and in the supporters section. We got lots of positive feedback from DDLFC staff, players, and casual fans. Below are some of the pictures and comments that I could find via social media.

The first one was taken by a fan in the main stands and was Tweeted during the match. It’s taken from far away (presumably with a cell phone), but it shows all of us and our sign behind the south goal.

This next comment comes from a guy who has been following DDLFC for a while, but made his first venture into the supporters section against Rochester. (We agree with his statement wholeheartedly!)

Here are three nice shots of us taken by stellar photographer and Oranje Legion member, Jeremi Blurton. The first is a close-up in the daylight before the match started, showing flags, vuvuzelas, and Brian’s giant flogger.group_shot


The next photo is a spectacular view of the smoke streaming out of our section after the dramatic equalizing goal.

Here we are gathered together to applaud the lads’ efforts as they leave the field. I think we look like a more formidable group like this. Want to try to sit closer together during the next match?


This last one not only looks cool, but it came with a special message. First, the picture:


Now the message:

This was our first soccer game ever and we sat in the supporter section.  It was amazing, and this photo is when the Lions scored against the Rhinos near the end of the game.  Just amazing time when it happened!!  Hopefully you like the picture!

We helped to make someone’s first soccer game “amazing”. I can’t tell you how much it means to hear this. This is the effect that we can have. Let’s keep it going. I challenge each of you to bring someone else to their first match and have them stand with us.

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“NEW” CHANTS: Dutch Lions ‘Til I Die & We Love You Dayton

We do a pretty good job of coming up with some of our own material, but every supporters group that I know also does a good job of ripping material from other groups. Here are two versions of classic chants that are done for various clubs around the world.

Dutch Lions ‘Til I Die

Dutch Lions 'til I die.
Dutch Lions 'til I die.
I know I am. I swear I am.
Dutch Lions 'til I die.

HERE is an audio version of the ‘Til I Die chant from Feyenord.

We Love You Dayton

We love you Dayton. We do.
We love you Dayton. We do.
We love you Dayton. We do.
Oh! Dayton we love you.

HERE is an audio version of the We Love You We Do chant from Arsenal.


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Let’s Get Ready for the Home-Opener!!!

After starting the season with two consecutive games on the road, our beloved Dayton Dutch Lions are returning to the Gem City. The home-opener is Friday, April 11 at 7:30 PM at Beavercreek High School. Let’s make sure that we’re ready to support the lads in the manner in which they deserve!

Here’s a short list of the “assignments” for the first match:

  • Brad: Bringing flags and plenty of oranje smoke.
  • Brian: Bringing confetti cannon and and a big oranje flogger.
  • Chad: Has worked with the club and Western Ohio Graphics to get a large sign produced. Will bring zip ties to fasten the ties to the fence in front of the supporters section. Hopes to produce another two-pole sign for the match.
  • Patricia: Bring that big, beautiful drum.

Here’s a short list of expectations for everyone:

  • Join us in the supporters section for the match. For the matches at Beavercreek, we will be in the stands behind the south goal.
  • Wear as much oranje as humanly possible, and wear your scarf if you have one.
  • Become familiar with our chants and perform them with us at the match. Most are listed on a separate page in this site (some of the newer chants are in posts on the main page).
  • If you have the time, make a few signs of your own to bring and display at the match. We’ve been having problems coming up with a location to create large tifo, but smaller, individually-created signs are great!

We haven’t talked about a tailgate for the Beavercreek matches. I’m open to suggestions. If you folks want to throw a small one in the parking lot at the high school, we can do our best to get it organized.

For those of you who have purchased season tickets through the Oranje Legion, I am finalizing the details on when and how to get them. I suspect that we will pick them up at the gate on Friday night.

This has the potential to be a fantastic season for the club on the pitch, and it promises to be a fun time for us in the stands. The atmosphere in the stadium is only going to be as good as we make it, so let’s transcend expectations. It all starts on Friday!


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New Chant: This Club is Your Club

This little chant is sung to the tune of Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land:

This club is your club.

This club is my club.

We are the Legion.

They are Dutch Lions.

We wear the colors.

They win the matches.

We love our D-D-L-F-C


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New Chant: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

What do you do when your club signs a guy with the name Jackson Beckham Diego Socrates da Silva de Jesus? Our guy, Brian Reiss, knew the answer to that question. You come up with a chant and set it to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Even then, Jackson’s name had to be shortened because it has too many syllables.

Jackson Beckham Diego Socrates de Jesus!

Puts the ball into the net when it comes off his boo-oots!
(Even though the sound of it is something quite attrocious!)
When he beats you to the ball you’ve just got no excuses!
(If you say it loud enough, you’ll always sound precocious!)
Jackson Beckham Diego Socrates de Jesus!


It’s obviously going to take some practice, but I suggest that we use this every time Jackson does something wonderful on the pitch, especially after he scores a goal. Also, I suggest that we shout “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” when he is introduced at matches.


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We want your loyalty, not your money.

I thought I’d take a moment to clear up any confusion about what it takes to be a member in the Oranje Legion. Here’s the short list of requirements:

  1. Be an ardent supporter of Dayton Dutch Lions FC.
  2. Stand with the Oranje Legion in the supporters section for Dayton Dutch Lions FC matches. 

It’s that simple. All we really require is for you to love the team as much as we do, and for you to demonstrate that love by helping us to create a rock concert atmosphere at matches.

Membership is Free

It costs no money to join the Oranje Legion. Yes, there are options to spend money when you join. The option that is featured in the membership section costs $100, which comes with a supporters scarf and discounted season tickets.

You don’t have to select this option to join. You don’t have to purchase season tickets to join. You don’t have to buy a scarf to join. All you really have to do is send an email to to let us know you want to join, then help us make some noise at as many matches as you can attend.

Would it be great if you were a season ticket holder? Obviously. This is why we partnered with the Dayton Dutch Lions FC to offer discounted prices for the supporters section. We realize, though, that season tickets may not be an option for all of you.

Would it be nice if you bought a scarf? Obviously. We hope that everyone in the supporters section gets decked out in team’s colors, and scarves are a traditional way to show your affiliation. Money raised from the sale of scarves helps us to pay for signs, smoke, and other stuff. You should feel free, though, to express your loyalty however you choose, which may not include the scarf.

If you are considering joining us, don’t let cost stand in the way. The team deserves all the support it can get, and there is no better support than that which the Oranje Legion provides. Send us an email at, and you can be a part of the oranje mayhem.

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